Barry H. Frank

Partner, Archer & Greiner, P.C.

Barry H. Frank is a partner in the law firm of Archer & Greiner, P.C. (formerly Pelino & Lentz, P.C.) where he has been a partner since he joined the firm in February 2003. Prior to joining Archer & Greiner, P.C., Mr. Frank was a partner in the law firm of Schnader, Harrison, Segal & Lewis from May 2000 through January 2003. Previously, Mr. Frank had been a partner in the law firm of Mesirov, Gelman, Jaffe, Cramer & Jamieson from 1987 until 2000, when Mesirov Gelman merged with Schnader. From 1975 through 1987 Mr. Frank was a partner in the law firm of Pechner, Dorfman, Wolfe, Rounick & Cabot. Mr. Frank has focused his practice on business and corporate taxation, business and estate planning. Mr. Frank received a B.S. from Pennsylvania State University and a J.D. from the Temple University School of Law.

Mr. Frank served on the Board of Directors of Deb Shops, Inc., formerly listed on NASDAQ, from 1989 through 2007, when the company was acquired by a private equity group. He also served on the audit committee of Deb Shops, Inc. from 1989 through 2007 and was chairman of the audit committee from 1989 through 2003.