Jeffrey K. Harrow

Chairman, Sparks Marketing Group, Inc.

Jeffrey K. Harrow has been Chairman of Sparks Marketing Group, Inc., or Sparks, since 2001. Mr. Harrow is responsible for both operating divisions of Sparks, which includes Sparks Custom Retail and Sparks Exhibits & Environments, with offices throughout the United States and China. Sparks’ clients include a number of Fortune 500 companies. Prior to joining Sparks, Mr. Harrow served as President and Chief Executive Officer of from 1999 to 2000. During Mr. Harrow’s tenure, annual revenues grew from $20 million to $60 million and the employee base grew from 30 to 120 associates. Mr. Harrow created the strategy that allowed to move from a Business-to-Consumer marketplace into the Business-to-Business sector. In 2000, Mr. Harrow successfully negotiated the sale of to Cyberian Outpost (NASDAQ ticker: COOL). From 1982 through 1998, Mr. Harrow was the President, Chief Executive Officer and a Director of Travel One, a national travel management company. Mr. Harrow was responsible for growing the company from a single office location to more than 100 offices in over 40 cities and to its rank as the 6th largest travel management company in the United States. Under his sales strategy, annual revenues grew from $8 million to just under $1 billion. During this time, Mr. Harrow purchased nine travel companies in strategic cities to complement Travel One’s organic growth. In 1998, Mr. Harrow and his partners sold Travel One to American Express. In addition to serving as a board member of Sparks and Ovation Travel Group, Mr. Harrow’s past directorships include Director of Cherry Hill National Bank, Hickory Travel Systems and the Dean’s Board of Advisors of The George Washington University School of Business. Mr. Harrow is a graduate of The George Washington University School of Government and Business Administration where he received his B.B.A. in 1979.

Mr. Harrow has served in a senior executive capacity at various companies, as well as a member of various boards. His extensive service at various companies has provided him, in the opinion of our board of directors, with experience and insight which is beneficial to us.